Sunday, August 29, 2010

New skill

Little Miss decided to pull out a new trick today while out to breakfast with me and Grandpa and stacked up a coffee creamer tower four tall. This was the first time I've witnessed her stacking something, and I must say I was impressed! Watching this child develop is a never-ending joy. In the car this evening she kept repeating "Prapa! Mmmmmah!" (translation: "Grandpa! Muah!"). Oh, how she makes me melt! Right now we're watching some Signing Time to wind down and we're at the "milk" sign, which we use for nursing. She's exclaiming, "Nurrr! Nurrr!" and when they show a glass of milk she signs water and says it too ("waaaer"). I think it's funny that there's nursing and then there's everything else that comes in a cup to her, with no distinction between water/juice/etc.--it's all water :)

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