Monday, August 2, 2010

Why hell hello, morning sun

I haven't welcomed you in a while, morning sun. Mostly I try to pretend you're not there and stay in bed until 9:00 or so with my cuddly sleeping toddler. But today I decided to wake up with you, enjoy a cup of my husband's coffee, and attempt getting some work done before said toddler is demanding my attention. The work was happening in conjunction with some mindless internet'ing until the 30 minute timer went off and the toddler decided she needed some more cuddles. I went back to nursing in bed for a half hour, morning sun, while you lit up my bedroom windows with a golden glow. I didn't bring my iPhone to pass the time, half purposefully, half to my regret, so I just enjoyed the changing light as the toddler settled back to sleep. Now I'm back to the computer work and more mindless internet'ing while you change to the regular day light I'm so used to. I'm not sure if I'm going to continue wanting to see you, morning sun, but maybe I'll try and make this at least a Monday ritual.

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