Sunday, August 8, 2010

Reorganizing our spaces

I've been looking around our just-barely-too-small home a lot lately to try and figure out what can be rearranged, organized, or donated, and last night it all finally *clicked* in that dusty ol' head of mine. We moved the snake and gecko to be next to the cockatiel in the living room. Animal area? Check. Then we added a small table and chair from Ikea to the dining room. Eating area easily accessible to all? Check. We swapped out the few toy bins in the second bedroom for the corner desk in the living room. Exclusive toy area? Check. Work zone? Check. Yay, check marks! Now there are specific areas in the house dedicated for specific things, and it all just makes so much more sense this way. Our living room layout is awkward and half of it just never feels included, but it works perfectly for a play area now. And the second bedroom will very unlikely ever become a place where Lily sleeps, so that's back to a working space for Art and his music, while my sewing area is just outside the door. The kitchen is still the kitchen, bathroom still the bathroom, and bedroom still the family bedroom. Operation Mega Bed (a.k.a. we're buying a twin and side-carring it to our queen, versus the crib that's there now) is still in the works; we're just waiting on funds to appear. And, well, funds might be short for a while since Art's car was in need of some important repairs, but some day we will be sleeping in Mega Bed!

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