Thursday, August 12, 2010

New-to-me stroller

I am so stinkin' proud of my "new" stroller! I found this Peg Perego Pliko P3 for $20. These things retail for $320+! I'm not in need of a new stroller, the light weight one we have suits us just fine, but I can see Lily outgrowing it in height soon, and this Pliko P3 had some perks that I really liked. A) It's really comfy and Lily loves the upholstered seat. B) It folds up umbrella-style, so despite its size, it fits in my trunk with room to spare. And C) It has a little platform on the back for a big kid to stand. So, say, we have another kid and Lily doesn't want to walk, she's got a place to hitch a ride without us investing in and hauling around a double stroller.

So, anyway, this here $20 stroller has good bones, but the red fabric was faded and stained, which made it look old, 'cause it is. The grey parts show barely any wear at all. I toyed with the idea of dying the fabric, or maybe painting on screen printing ink, but neither of those ideas seemed like they would play out so well. So I went out and found some outdoor upholstery fabric (that's even UV rated, ooo) and hand-stitched it onto all of the red fabric parts. I went over any other red stitching with a black Sharpie marker, and ta-da!

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I am SO pleased. And, well, Lily is too :)

She has spent most of the evening putting her baby dolls in and out, climbing in and out herself, rolling it around the living room, and wanting to be pushed in it too. I need to get Art to oil up the moving parts to get rid of some creaks, but otherwise we're good to go! And no, not good to go as in have another kid so Lily can utilize the standing platform. Maybe in a few more months :)

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