Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Oh, how I'm glad I don't live in Kansas!

Sixty ears of corn! My dad's friend had a corn roast at his company's picnic and ended up with multiple bushels of left over corn. I ended up with one. And so, I set forth canning!

This is what 60 ears of corn looks like on my kitchen table

And this is what half of it looks like there :)

And after many hours of standing over an angel food cake pan with an electric knife, the canned result! 6 pints...

Not pictured: the 8 quarts still in the canner

I used the instructions over at pickyourown.org. I've used them before for various other canning projects and things always turn out perfectly. The tip to stick the ear of corn in the center of a bunt pant (or angel food cake pan, since that's what we had handy) and using an electric knife to cut the kernels off was genius!


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  2. Just found your blog! How delightful it is!!!
    I love the corn idea. And to think of alllllllll those LOOOOOONNNNNG days and nights canning corn into the wee of the morning. I wish I had known this tip when I had LOTS of mouths to feed. But I will keep this idea handy in case we get a glut of corn.


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