Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sunshine, Baby

Baby was successfully replaced yesterday after finding an identical one at a different nearby Target. I will say there are some advantages to living in suburbia; there area about five Targets within reasonable driving distance of here, and I knew that one of them was bound to have a suitable Baby replacement. We walked down the doll aisle and I spotted the bin of little dolls. Only one was wearing purple and its hat was removed. I had to turn my back to Lily, sneak the hat onto its head, and then I turned around and offered it to her. She quietly asked, "baby?" and I replied, "yes, Baby..."




We're having a crazy awesome Indian summer around here. I'm sure some of you are experience this sun and warmth too. I didn't have much planned today other than some mundane errands and I blew off half of them in favor of a leisurely stroll through the nearby nature sanctuary.


I let Lily lead the way and we toddled down random paths, looked at rocks and bugs and sticks, and just took it slow. She's going through a very shy phase right now so I was thankful that it wasn't crowded there and we only encountered one field trip (which she was okay with because it was kids) and two older gentlemen (who she was terrified of and hid her face in my chest until they were well out of sight).

I'm eagerly awaiting the crisp fall weather which I know will be gone in a blink and we'll be onto snow and slush in no time, but I'll still bask in this uncharacteristic sun and warmth just a bit longer. We honestly could still be in shorts and skirts, but I've packed away all the summer clothes and refuse to shave my legs :)

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