Sunday, October 10, 2010

Missing: Baby (doll!)

Baby went MIA. Here she is last pictured being worn in the mei tai I threw together for Lily when she was begging to wear Baby and I couldn't find her the pouch I made a few months ago. Baby has been missing since Thursday night.

IMG_0192 IMG_0190

Of course today I win a doll ring sling for her at the Lake County Baby Wearers "Baby Wearing Week Event". I also won myself a Sakura Bloom linen ring sling in a GORGEOUS green. I don't really need it though, and I'd rather have money to buy groceries, so I'm attempting to sell it along with the Sleepy Wrap I won at the Chicago Area Breastfeeding Coalition conference. I'm totally on a winning streak!

Anyway, Baby is missing. We tore apart the house tonight after attempting to replace Baby at Target. They only had babies in pink, and Baby wears purple; Lily was totally put off by these imposters. She left with a little Magna-Doodle type toy and an airplane :P

She has Blue Baby that I made, but he's apparently not good enough, what with his only having balls for hands and a hint of a nose for facial features. I'm hoping Baby turns up soon, or she grows fonder of Blue Baby. I just have no idea where Baby could have gone! I keep trying to think like a toddler and have checked literally every cabinet and drawer and under every piece of furniture to no avail.

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  1. Do you still have the Sakura Bloom linen sling? Where are you selling it? How much? I would be interested if you still have it as well as the sleepy wrap--email


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