Friday, October 8, 2010

Home is where the crap isn't

A goal for this coming year? Purge the stuff that has no purpose or sentiment, and fill our home with beautiful things. I want to hand braid a rug. I want to display the things I'm working so hard on in my pottery class. I want to finish the cross-stitched family tree I started when I was pregnant and frame it. I want to hang a quilt on these walls, empty all the drawers/cabinets/shelves/closets of their crap, and give this space a feeling of home. Even if it's not our forever-home and we could be moving in as soon as a year, I don't want to feel like we're just making do any more. It started yesterday with a good sweep through my big bookcase, and today I tore through our kitchen cabinets and drawers. Now the kitchen table is covered in things I need to Freecycle or donate, but that's a good problem to have!

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  1. I have been promising myself that I will start to hand braid a rug for more than 20 years. I keep saving different sets of instructions, but can't seem to get any farther. When you start, please post the method you are using.

    I agree with you about making do. I think many of us (myself at the top of the list) start to think, "Maybe I should wait until this or that happens first before I get started." At Thanksgiving we will have been in our current house for 20 years. I have put off many decisions and improvements thinking it might not be worth it if we move. Last week I finally made the decision to put new carpeting in our bedroom. It makes an incredible difference about the way I feel about my home. I'm glad to hear you are in motion and doing the things you love. At least that way moss won't grow on you the way it has on me.


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