Thursday, January 13, 2011

"Okay, chief"

Want to know what my latest crazy unoriginal idea is? Of course you do. I can tell you're on the edge of your seats. Okay, maybe not literally, but I sure have piqued your interest and dragged this out long enough now, haven't I?

I want to travel the country--sell our house, convert some sort of large vehicle to veggie oil, bring along only what we need, and see what this place has to offer coast-to-coast.

I'm not quite sure how to accomplish this. My only idea so far is that I can become an awesome famous blogger and be able to write about my life and have people so interested that they throw money at my feet (or bags of produce and gallons of veggie oil?).

That's probably not the most realistic plan. Maybe I'll leave the money thing to Art and I can keep on dreaming, which I'm so good at it.

(P.S. The title? Lily's new most adorable phrase ever.)


  1. Maybe your travels could be the basis of a reality television show. Not that I would wish that on anyone, but it would pay the bills.

  2. That was one of Art's suggestions too! I can't imagine we're interesting enough to watch though :P

  3. Actually, I think a daily blog would be a perfect idea. People love blogs that they can live vicariously through and be there with you during your triumps or struggles. It can be done and you can get endorsements/advertising.

    Do it, do it, do it!

    I'm thinking: To Capture the World (or Country) or Capturing the World (or Country)

    Then do daily photos of your day and updates showing how you're capturing this beautiful county/world of ours :)


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