Friday, September 24, 2010

Of photos, fitness, and cleanliness

I know, I know, I haven't been writing regularly. Call my uninspired, but with no camera to document our lives, well, I am just that: uninspired. But have no fear! By a generous gift from my parents I have a refurbished Canon Rebel XS on its way to me for a discounted price in exchange for my broken 300D. Canon has a nice "loyalty program" (despite me buying the old camera used off of Ebay) which makes up for the alternatively high repair cost. So, since I'm sure my few readers are just itching to see something, I will share with you Lily's cheap-o 18 month photos (how I love JC Penney for these)...


Seriously, how cute is my kid? I'm in love with the ones of her with the ridiculous fake flower. She spotted that prop and wanted it instantly--"More! More!"

In news not as cute as my kid: I've started Couch to 5K and Fly Lady. Thank you, dear internet, for providing me with free motivational programs to better my health and home! The running has unfortunately been put on a temporary hold as I've developed some nasty Achilles tendonitis from weak calves? ankles? inadequate of stretching? I'm trying to remedy all of that while I heal and once there's no pain I'm going to continue on! I've never enjoyed running like I have been this try. Seriously, I have NEVER enjoyed running, and I was actually looking forward to each session. I'm very sad my ankles are preventing me from continuing right. this. minute. But I know if I let them heal it will aid in preventing re-injury, which I definitely want to avoid. So, bike riding in the mean time is filling a little of this need-to-move urge, along with lots of gentle stretching and strength exercises. I don't know where this fitness bug came from, but it bit Art too, and I'm thankful for it.

This Fly Lady business though? I'm all over that right now! A few of my friends have challenged one another (complete with a virtual "reward chart" through Google Docs). This week is a warm up. Next week it's on! I've gotten into the habit of emptying my sink each night; now to just find those 15 minute breaks throughout the day to start some de-cluttering and I'm set. We're such dorks; there are even going to be bi-weekly prizes based on our point system we set up.

But here's to clean and organized houses! And fitness! And a new camera! And a super cute kid! (And parenthesis and exclamation points!)

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