Thursday, December 9, 2010

Truly enjoying the season

It seems a common theme out in blog world to write about the stresses of the impending holiday right about now. But I'm not feeling it. Maybe it's because I started my Christmas crafting in July and finished 90% of them the week of Thanksgiving. Or maybe it's because we only put up our tree and stockings for decorations so there's no chasing a toddler away from breakables. Or maybe it's that our tree is only decorated with any ornaments from about three feet and up.

I've got a (sort of surprise) gift swap coming up next week, but I'm well on my way to completing that project too. I skipped out on a mass cookie baking event with some friends and opted to play with the kids while they cranked out dozens of delicious cookies. Art and I will bake some cookies one of these weekends together without the stress of making sure half a dozen kids aren't killing one another. I'll wrap presents soon during one of Lily's afternoon naps. We'll celebrate with my parents early so we only need to go to one place on Christmas Eve and two places on Christmas Day. That's about the busiest we'll be.

I'm really slowing down this year and not feeling rushed at all. I literally slow down while driving past every decorated house on our side streets so Lily can admire them. Maybe one of these nights we'll take a drive to the little outdoor village a couple towns over so she can look into the tiny houses they set up with various holiday scenes. We've played in the snow and drank hot chocolate too. I picked up some candy canes yesterday and anticipate Lily eating her first one soon.

Maybe I'm foolish and it's still too early in the month to tell, but I don't anticipate that hurried feeling sneaking up any time soon. The giggle fits though? Let's keep those coming :)

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