Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Momma's milk to the rescue

With all of the celebrations these past few days, Lily has managed to come down with a little bug. She's got a low fever and has been making a lot of dirty diapers, so my best guess is a virus of some sort that will run its course. But I have never been more thankful to still be breastfeeding!

I don't have to worry about her becoming dehydrated. She has the perfect nutrition on tap at her request (yes, even at a year old, breast milk is a perfect balanced diet for babies). It's easy on her upset tummy. My body is busy making antibodies so she can recover quicker And while we nurse it's easy to be skin-to-skin so her body temperature can regulate easier.

Not to mention the comfort! There's nothing like being in your momma's arms when your under the weather, as her contended sighs show. I hope my baby feels better A.S.A.P., but in the meantime she will nurse, nurse, nurse.

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